At CPA MOMS®, you get both a career AND a family

For the CPA mompreneur with little time, our national platform offers you an attractive virtual “done-for-you” eco-system of marketing, training & technology, and the opportunity to join a community of peers.

If you are interested in growing your solo-mompreneur business, we teach you the business of accounting to help grow your practice. We are at the fore-front of the most innovative accounting practices & cloud-based technology. We've invested the time to research the latest systems so you don't have to. We understand how valuable your time is, so all of our trainings are relevant to the real-world, and are designed for you to add more value to your clients.

If you miss having access to information and connection to other peers that was once available in a firm or corporate setting, we offer connection through our community and provide resources relevant to serve today's accounting professional and business owner in a growing technology-driven and virtual environment.

a caring community

CPA MOMS is a community where professional mompreneurs no longer have to choose between a career OR a family. It is that community you have always been looking for - a place for talented accountants who want flexibility, independence, yet still want to share best practices with a community.

As a mission-driven organization, we invest heavily in creating flexible, virtual work environments so moms can raise their kids & have a career. We are proud of the social impact we have had with so many families and look forward to empowering more accountants & their families.

Once part of our community, there are many pathways you could take. You could just remain part of our national community. You could choose to apply for a virtual job with an accounting or tax firm that we screened to ensure they honor the same family values and flexibility we promise. You could choose to take the pre-qualification steps to become one of the select few professionals that are part of our Marketplace, and allow us to help you build your solo-practice. Or, you may be ready to grow your firm and need effective ways to navigate the natural growing pains. No matter which pathway speaks to you, we are here to serve professional accountants at all stages.

Our core business is our Marketplace, which is designed mostly for accountants looking for clients to build their own solo practice. All doors leading to the Marketplace or virtual job opportunities or advanced training in the business of accounting for both solopreneurs and firms start first with our Community.

I'm Looking for Clients

Top 5 reasons to consider being part of our Marketplace:

  • I don't have time to get my own clients
  • I don't have enough clients
  • I don't want to "reinvent the wheel" in setting up my systems
  • I can feel isolated and want to connect with other CPAs
  • I want to grow my own consulting practice

I'm Looking for a Job

Top 5 reasons to apply for virtual jobs with pre-selected firms:

  • I need more flexibility and ability to work from home
  • I'm not ready to go out on my own
  • I need experience hours under a licensed CPA
  • I've been out of the workforce for a while
  • I'm not entrepreneurial and prefer to work for someone else
"When I first learned of CPA MOMS, I immediately connected to their vision. As a woman, a CPA and a mother, I am constantly pulled in multiple directions, trying to “succeed” in all of my roles in life. I experienced the corporate world of demanding deadlines and the 60 hr weekly “grind” while raising 3 children under the age of 6. I stopped on numerous occasions, asking myself "is there a better way?" For the sake of my children, I chose to resign from corporate America and came across CPA MOMS. I wanted to shout “Eureka!” For me, CPA MOMS provides me with the opportunity to develop my career AND serve clients without sacrificing my relationship with my family".
- Weni, San Diego, CPA mompreneur

inclusive family of accounting professionals

If you are not a CPA or not a mom, you are still welcome! The eco-system offers amazing resources designed for every accountant regardless of your gender, license or parental status. We are building a strong foundation of trusted professionals who value family and support others in the community. If you are willing to bring those caring values to our community, we welcome you with open arms.

services for accounting/tax firms

We often receive requests from accounting and tax firms asking if they can hire our talent. The answer is yes! If we feel that your firm honors our values and family culture, and can offer a part-time or full-time, flexible job working from home, we will facilitate the placement with professionals in our network. If you would like more information about our Placement services, please use the contact us form at to let us know of your need.

next step

If you are interested in receiving more information about joining the CPA MOMS community, please complete the information below. We do not sell lists or spam anyone – EVER! Once you complete the form below, you will be added to our list so we can connect with you about next steps, and you will be connected to our private Facebook community.


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